Creating a community-based social network for advocacy organizations and their members to connect through education, engagement, and empowerment.

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September 5, 2022



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Do More With Your Time™️ (DMWYT) is a professional and networking community built for impactors. A professional development and community resource platform, founded and led by a Black woman, that operates via web and mobile applications. The platform allows Enterprise partners to post employment opportunities, host networking events, and share educational resources. Members post discussions, view and utilize resources, and nurture valuable relationships with potential employers, partners, and clients.

What we've done
  1. Developed and nourished relationships with community advocates, organizations, and active legislators who are committed to reversing the harmful affects of the war on drugs in negatively impacted communities.
  2. Created an innovative virtual experience for the cross-association and promotion of community-focused resources
  3. Established an engaging space to centralize resources for the professional development of aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs and workforce participants.

Various Community Organizations asked us to Help

— Centralize communication amongst working groups, coalitions, and closely related causes

— Create an engaging virtual space for their members

— Increase the value of their memberships by creating member portals with exclusive content