July 28, 2021

I'm a female entrepreneur and mom of 3 1/2. I know how difficult it can be to balance work with life, but I've found ways that have worked for me. Here are my five tips on how to maintain a healthy balance between being an entrepreneur and a parent:

- Take time for yourself - Get out of the office at least once every day

- Set boundaries with your family

- Delegate tasks to other members of your company

- Create time for both work and play

- No is a complete sentence. Use it.

Keep reading below for more tips on how I manage and please let me know what you've found helpful as well!

“It can be tricky balancing work with play, but you need both to keep your sanity.”

Take time for yourself - Get out of the office at least once every day

I know the pressure to be available 24/hrs a day - I'm an entrepreneur and mom of three, one who has just started walking. But constantly answering emails or text messages while with your family can create resentment on both sides - you for not being able to fully enjoy time with them and they from feeling ignored. As a business owner, it's so easy to get wrapped up in your work, but you need to take time for yourself and set boundaries with your family.

Set boundaries with your family

You can't be the only one setting expectations for everyone else - even if you are a trusted leader on your team. But there is nothing wrong with being assertive and setting boundaries with your family. This means telling everyone when you can't be interrupted, which hours are for work only, or what tasks they need to complete on their own.

Delegate Tasks To Other Members Of Your Company

If the founder of a company wants to do everything themselves, then that's up to them - but it's unrealistic to expect every member of your company to be as selfless. Create a list of tasks and delegate them out, whether that means hiring virtual assistants for simple tasks or giving more responsibility to those who want it.

Create Time For Both Work And Play

It can be tricky balancing work with play, but you need both to keep your sanity. If you find yourself getting burnt out, take a break to do something for just play - whether that's reading for an hour or going on a bike ride with the kids. And while it may be difficult at first, try carving three hours every weeknight and weekend day to work only so you can spend more time playing when it's needed.

No Is A Complete Sentence. Use It.

I know that it may be easier said than done, but no is a complete sentence and should be used when you need to say "no." This will help keep your work-life balance in check so there are only positives on both sides of the equation - you'll be happier and your family will also appreciate the break.

The key to maintaining a healthy balance as an entrepreneur is to take time for yourself, set boundaries with your family, delegate tasks appropriately within your company, create time for both work and play, and use no when necessary. These five tips have helped me tremendously in understanding how I can balance being a female entrepreneur and mom of three. Now, it's your turn - what are some ways you have found for maintaining a healthy balance?

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July 28, 2021




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